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Title Teacher’s Aide
Categories All Jobs, ChildCare
Job Information

Our teacher’s aides work closely with the full-time staff to manage the classroom and meet the developmental and safety needs of the children in accordance with the philosophy and policies of the school, under the direct supervision of the Lead Teacher. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Assist in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate classroom curriculum and in all aspects of the daily management of the program, including compliance with the safety and health standards established by the government of the District of Columbia.
• Foster each child’s self-confidence, learning, and growth.
• Nurture and encourage children through positive communication.
• Maintain health compliance in accordance with licensing standards and employee policies, including the ability to interact fully with all students, lifting, holding, and attending to them as needed at all times.

Teacher’s Aide Requirements and Qualifications
• High school diploma or GED required
• Associate’s degree in early childhood education or related field preferred
• Certification in child CPR and First Aid
• Prior experience or familiarity with the Creative Curriculum
• At least one year of relevant experience in an educational or childcare setting
• Exemplary written and spoken communication skills
• Strong collaboration skills; able to work well with a team
• Effective multitasker; can prioritize tasks based on importance and deadlines
• Must pass a background check and drug test before starting employment

• Teaching: 1 year (Preferred)
• Early Childhood Education: 1 year (Preferred)
• Education: 1 year (Preferred)
• an educational: 1 year (Preferred)

• Associate (Preferred

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Title Lead Teacher
Categories All Jobs, ChildCare
Location Oxon Hill, MD
Job Information

Child Care Center is seeking a motivated, energetic professional with a background in child care to take on the role of Lead Teacher at our Crystal City center.

Reporting to the Center Director, the Lead Teacher will be expected to assist in providing and maintaining a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate program in accordance to all relevant child care policies, procedures, and county regulations. The Lead Teacher will be responsible for planning and implementing center-directed program instruction. In addition, the Lead Teacher will assume the following center responsibilities:

• Implement a developmentally appropriate early childcare and preschool program for the children.
• Plan and implement activities that meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of the children.
• Prepare weekly lesson plans of scheduled activities.
• Develop and maintain accurate reports and documentation in accordance to program policies.
• Establish positive relationships and communicate effectively children, staff, administration, parents, and members of the community.
• Provide appropriate safety, supervision, and support as applicable to program guidelines.
• Ensure all applicable licensing and health regulations are met.
• Conduct light cleaning duties such as gathering trash, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors, sanitizing toys and table tops, and other general duties similar in nature.
• Effectively conduct diapering and toileting procedures as it relates to job responsibility.
• Provide direct supervision for assistants, aides, volunteers, and any support staff.
• Adhere to all staff and program guidelines.

1. Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development or related field.
2 Bachelors Degree with 9 Credit hours in Early Childhood Education/Child Development
3. Associates Degree with 15 Credit Hours in Early Childhood Education/Child Development.

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Title After School Teacher
Categories All Jobs, ChildCare
Job Information

Before & After School Care is now hiring a part-time lead teacher.
The hours are Monday – Friday 2:30-6:30 p.m. Applicants must pass State and FBI background checks and drug testing and have CPR/First Aide Training. 90 hour school-age child care The Lead Teacher is Responsible to oversee the following Daily Activities:

• Morning breakfast/Afternoon snack
• Homework Assistance
• Coordinating student activities (arts & crafts, games, exercise, etc.)
• Ensuring the after school program is organized and operating efficiently

Position Requirements:
• High school diploma or better
• At least 19 years of age
• A minimum of 2 year experience working with school-age children in a regulated program
• Must enjoy working with school-age children
• Must be dependable and a hard worker
• Able to pass State and FBI background checks for child care
• Able to pass a Drug Test
• Currently have, or willing to train for the Maryland 90 hour School-age Child Care Certification
• Must have, or be willing to train in CPR/First Aid
• Must have reliable transportation
• Flexibility to work additional hours when necessary

Job Type: Part-time

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Title Assistant Director
Categories All Jobs, ChildCare
Location Oxon Hill, MD
Job Information

Compensation is commensurate with qualifications, education, and experience.

Full time/Part time

Our organization prides itself on excellence – putting the education and development of our children first and foremost. When you consider a career at Lean On Us Unity Child Care Center you will be joining a team that is passionate about giving young children the right start to a successful future. We are looking for a dynamic Assistant Director that demonstrates leadership abilities by creating and maintaining a positive learning environment for all families enrolled and also be able to train and support the staff. The Assistant Director assists the Director and Owner’s in operating the center in accordance with policies, procedures, and state licensing standards to provide an educational, nurturing, and safe environment for children, staff, and parents.

This individual is responsible for all school operations and assumes all Director responsibilities and duties in the absence of the Director. Meets expectations for delivering exceptional customer service to families enrolled at the school.

• Must have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education or a Child Development Associate (CDA) is preferred
• Must have a minimum of 2 or more years experience as an Assistant Director or have a supervisory position as third in charge in a licensed Child Care Center.
• Must have completed “Supervision and Administration of Early Childhood Centers” training
• Must have at least three full years of experience working under supervision primarily with Infants – Preschoolers in a licensed child care center, nursery school, church-operated school, or a similar setting
• Must have effective communication skills and the ability to work with individuals of all ages
• Specific training per state requirements: CPR and First Aid certification and Medication Administration Training; or willing to obtain these certifications
• Computer literacy and knowledge of Microsoft Suite
• 90-hour Child Care Certification; or willing to obtain certification once hired
• A well developed philosophy on the education of young children, which parallels with the educational philosophy of Spring Hill Academy

• Conduct tours and provide interested families with information about our program
• Plan and coordinate field trips
• Understand and assist staff members with developmentally appropriate practices in Early Childhood Education
• Implement and supervise staff members with company policies and procedures
• Supervise closing staff and ensures building is secure at the end of each day
• Complies with, and may implement, state regulations regarding the care of children
• Assist teachers with managing behavioral issues
• Order and keep inventory of school supplies
• Keep the Director informed of any necessary information regarding the care and safety of children
• Assist and accept responsibility in other daily center duties that might be temporary in the event other personnel are not available
• Attend and participate in staff meetings, center events, and parent/customer meetings as requested

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Title Lead Preschool Teacher
Categories All Jobs, ChildCare
Location Oxon Hill, MD
Job Information

The Preschool Lead teacher is responsible for the social-emotional growth and development of all children in their care, which may include toddlers and/or preschool age children; provides small group and large group instruction to students based on individual developmental levels; develops partnerships with birth parents/child’s caregivers to engage and encourage parent participation in program. The Preschool Lead Teacher is also responsible for assuring compliance with codes of all State and local governing contracting agencies; and collaborates with other staff members of Lean On Us Unity Child Care Center.

• Plan, schedule, supervise and implement the daily program which emphasizes appropriate developmental experiences for preschool and kindergarten
• Maintain a physical environment conducive to children’s growth and development and arranged to promote child-directed activities. Arrange a classroom environment in accordance to program goals and Academy philosophy.
• Supervise the outdoor and indoor play areas in such a way that children’s safety can be easily monitored and ensured.
• Consider and provide for the needs of the individual child in relationship to his cultural and socio-economic background, emotional or physical disabilities and individual style and pace of learning.
• Help children learn to adapt to, and cope with, real-life situations. Assist children with proper health training and self-help activities, such as eating, dressing and personal hygiene.
• Work with and refer to the Director children with unmet special needs, physical or emotional problems, as well as families with problems that affect the child in the Academy.
• Make daily observations of the general health of the children, reporting conditions that require attention to the Director and Assistant Director; administer first aid treatment when necessary.
• Hold parent-teacher conferences and maintain open communication with parents. Seek to involve parents in the child development program by encouraging their participation in the classroom, attending parent meetings and community activities.
• Maintain attendance records and ongoing assessment of the emotional, physical, intellectual and social development of children.
• Supervise and encourage the personal development of assistant teachers, aides, volunteers and other child care personnel participating in the classroom activities.
• Coordinate daily plans with the assistant and encourage team teaching and the sharing of ideas and skills.
• Participate in staff meetings, training sessions, conferences, workshops and other career development, educational training and professional activities.
• Assure that equipment and materials are accessible, appropriate and in good condition. Report any unsafe conditions to the Director.
• Participate in the recruitment, screening and enrollment of all eligible children.
• Maintain an inventory of classroom materials and participate in the ordering of appropriate classroom supplies and equipment.
• Implement  Curriculum and assist other staff members in implementing these standards.
• Eat breakfast and lunch with children. Encourage children to engage in conversation and promote a pleasant atmosphere during mealtime. Use meal periods and food as an integral part of the total education program.
• Assist in planning and coordinating field trips which relate to and extend educational experiences.
• Prepare and submit written reports as assigned. Report progress of children to parents in bi-annual reports and through parent-teacher conferences. Keep accidental reports and maintain anecdotal records
• Perform related duties as assigned.
• Abide by the LOUUCCC’s policy, which includes:
• Staff will respect and promote the unique identity of each child and family and refrain from stereotyping on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, or disability;
• Staff will follow program confidentiality policies concerning information about children, families and other staff members.
• No child will be left alone or unsupervised while under their care; and
• Staff will use positive methods of child guidance and will not engage in corporal punishment, emotional or physical abuse, or humiliation. In addition, they will not employ methods of discipline that involve isolation, the use of food as punishment or reward, or the denial of basic needs. Report any suspect abuse to the Director.

• Maryland Certification (NK – 3); Child Development Certificate
• Teachers should have a combination of education and experience. Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education is (NK-3) preferred.
• Minimum of three years’ experience as a preschool and kindergarten teacher in a developmentally appropriate program.
• Formal training in Early Childhood Education required.
• Current CPR and First Aid training certificates required.
• A physical and TB test are required prior to employment and every two years thereafter.
• Conversational knowledge of Spanish preferred.
• FBI background and drug testing


• Early Child Development knowledge and experience.
• Knowledge of State Subsidized Program Requirements for Center Programs.
• Good communication, problem solving, and priority setting skills as well as maintaining an overall positive and professional attitude /disposition.
• Ability to effectively plan, organize and implement educational activities.
• Ability to make decisions on behalf of children and protect their well-being.
• Must be able to uphold and enforce confidentiality policies.
• Ability to lift and carry up to 25 pounds and in case of emergency a 40-pound child.
• Enjoys children and has a passion for teaching.
• Energetic, confident, innovative, and organized
• Have strong interpersonal skills
• Communicate well-both orally and in writing and make sound decisions
• Familiar with computer instructional applications
• An enthusiasm for children of all ages, a willingness to learn and be part of a team, and a great attitude!

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Title Classroom and Floater Aides
Categories All Jobs, ChildCare
Job Information

As a team member, the Classroom Aide assists the teaching staff in all aspects of the center program and is receptive to learning and gaining experience in the early care and education filed while pursuing the CDA. The Classroom Aide is responsible for the following tasks:

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
• Understand and fulfill the Minimum Standards for Licensed Child Day Care Centers (Department of Social Services, Commonwealth of Virginia). Attached is the Minimum Standards for Licensed Child Day Care Centers which requires signature of the employee.
• Facilitate the development of the “whole” child, enhancing each child’s self-esteem and independence.
• Treat each child with dignity and respect, recognizing and considering the individual needs of each child in relation to the cultural and socioeconomic background, handicaps, special talents and interests, style and pace of learning; communicate effectively and appropriately with the age group assigned.
• Provide a nurturing atmosphere for the children demonstrated by interacting on the child’s eye level, sitting on the floor with children, providing the appropriate physical contact for comforting and reassurance.
• Help children learn to think creatively, to solve problems independently, and to respect themselves and others.
• Work interactively with children in all activity areas in the classroom or outdoors as assigned; implement and support Developmentally Appropriate Practices, providing a stimulating environment for the children. ADDENDUM is attached for the assigned classroom age group with specific practices for the development of these children.
• Develop and demonstrate an understanding of LOUUCCC’s performance and quality improvement program
• Help children learn to think creatively, to solve problems independently, and to respect themselves and others.
• Assist children in developing good personal hygiene, changing diapers, toilet training and washing of hands.
• Maintains structure and assist in the control of the classroom at all times including during episodes of children’s upsets and emergency situations.
• Follow all procedures and requirements as noted by LOUUCCC’s policy & procedures and in accordance with the Maryland licensing requirements to assure the safety of the children in your assigned environment, monitoring their safety at all times.
• Implement limit setting for children according to the policies of the Center.
• Protect confidential information of both the children) and families.
• Prepare and maintain space and materials for classroom and outdoor activities.

Classroom Duties
Establish positive relationships with parents/guardians/families by:
• Greeting each person warmly during drop off and pick up, sharing both positive and negative events of the child’s day, by taking an interest in the family as a whole, and by responding to parent/guardian/family questions and concerns.
• Maintaining confidentiality with information relating to parent(s)/guardian(s)/family and children, being careful what information is shared with other staff.
• Encouraging family participation in the classroom program, special activities, parent/guardian meetings and training.
Daily requirements:
• Maintain classroom ratio of staff to children at all times and knowing when to call the Director of Child Care Services for additional staff support to maintain required levels of coverage.
• Support teaching staff in carrying out the center’s discipline policy.
• Provide interactive supervision on the playground.
• Feed and supervise children during meals and eat with them as age level requires.
• Assist and serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks according to the planned menu; clean up afterward including high chairs, tables, and floors.
• Share with the classroom staff the responsibility of maintaining a clean room. Clean & Disinfect toys and equipment according to center standards.
• Report problems, illness of a child or signs of child abuse promptly to the Director of Child Care Services, Assistant Director of Child Care Services or the Child Development Specialist.
• Assist the teacher in implementing the lesson plan, center program and supervision of children.
• Prepare room for a nap by moving furniture and placing costs on the floor; assist in settling children down for the nap; return cots and furniture after nap time.
• Assist with special center-wide projects and activities as assigned.
• Assist staff in general maintenance of classroom environment including picking up and sorting toys, moving furniture.

• Participate in training (minimum of 32 hours per year) without compensation.
• Maintain strict confidentiality regarding children and their families.
• Classroom Aides are not to accept payment of fees from parents.
• Participate in planning effort by teaching staff.
• Clean and disinfect toys and equipment as assigned.
• Notify Lead Teacher of anticipated absences.
• Adhere to LOUUCCC’s Personnel Policies and Procedures.
• Attend parent meetings during the course of the year as requested without compensation.
• Attend quarterly staff meetings of the agency and any others as requested.
• Attend occasional evening and/or weekend meetings and training sessions.
• Attend Center staff meetings.
• May be asked to provide child care during parent, staff or other meetings with pay.
• Maintain neat and clean appearance.

• Adherence to and support of LOUUCC’s. This includes a proven ability to exercise empathy and positive regard in providing services to clients
• Ability to work cooperatively with peers and supervisors.
• Ability to maintain professional relationships with clients, children, families and other agency representatives.
• Quality of work. This includes the exercise of promptness, accuracy, and sound judgment, meeting required outcomes and the ability to perform all aspects of the job description.
• This includes the desire determination and ability to provide comprehensive services to clients, children, and families.
• Able to communicate effectively in English with staff, families, and children both verbally and in writing.
• Ability to lift 40 pounds. Good vision, hearing, mobility to work with children on the floor (up and down) with repetitive stretching and bending. Ability to walk up and down stairs, be outside for extended periods of time and ability to move children in cribs during emergencies. Ability to push a stroller for extended distances with multiple children in the stroller.
• Preferably bilingual in Spanish, but not required
• Prior to the first day of working with children, complete CPR and first aid training, or present proof of CPR training within past year and first aid training within past three years. Update CPR training annually and first aid every three years. Those working with infants must have infant CPR completed and maintained.
• Prior to the first day of working with children, receive a negative report of TB screening prior and maintain annual TB screenings with a negative report as a condition of employment.
• Able to meet all requirements for Employment Eligibility Verification.
• Agree to a flexible classroom and duty assignment.

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